Hotel WBF Fukuoka Nakasu

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  • 和洋食ブッフェ

    Breakfast Buffet

    Breakfast is available in Kyushu's local delicacies, many toppings, and three types of dashi, such as ochazuke, or tai-chazuke, or tai-chazuke.

    7:00~10:00(L.O. 9:30)
    ¥1,500 (tax included) *Preschool age children are free of charge
    • ビュッフェ形式のご朝食

    Great satisfaction from the morning!
    Kyushu gourmet!

    One of the pleasures of traveling is to enjoy authentic local foods.
    WBF Fukuoka Nakasu tried collecting local foods from seven prefectures in Kyushu.
    Would you like to enjoy Kyushu's gourmet in the morning?
    • 会員様専用ラウンジ

    Dashi chazuke, the most serious dish in Fukuoka

    Five varieties of rice selected carefully
    by the head chef (two types of rice are served daily special),
    and 40 types of toppings, Enjoy the original chazuke with
    three kinds of dashi (Japanese soup stock made from Ago dashi,
    tai dashi, and kombu stock made from local chicken).

    Breakfast Menu

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      "Itagaki-san's Choicy Egg," a specially selected egg by our head chef

    • You can enjoy a variety of flavors with all 8 kinds of pudding for dessert.

    • There are 40 types of toppings, from standard to Fukuoka specialties.

    • This local gourmet is a place where you can enjoy the taste of Kyushu.

    • Fukuoka's specialty mentaiko has three major brands.


      • 1階カフェペース


        Lounge with plenty to enjoy Japanese.

        We have a wide variety of welcome drinks, including vinegar drinks that are good for women and unusual flavored Japanese tea. "You can relax while enjoying the special matcha at ""Shirakuma Tea House"" where you can enjoy even more Japanese style."

        Shirokuma tea dormitory hours: 24 hours
        Matcha service hours: 19: 00-23: 00

        Hotel WBF Fukuoka Nakasu
        〒810-0801   3-6-19 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
        check-in 15:00 / out 11:00

        TEL: +81(0)92-291-4123